What we learn from our military’s logistics proficiency

In our industry, we typically think of logistics as the planning, storage, and movement of goods in order to meet the demands of the shipper and the end customer. Missed deadlines disappoint customers and create headaches for all involved. We take these shipping needs seriously and it shows in our service and sense of urgency we put into the work we do.

Lately, with all the military news surrounding the end of the U.S.’s 20-year-war in Afghanistan, we are reflecting on the enormity of the logistics challenges the military face. They are moving people, equipment, and weapons in dangerous conditions and face dire consequences if they make a mistake.

The military arm created to obtain and transport supplies is older than the U.S. itself. The Quartermaster General Corps was created in June of 1775 by the Continental Congress to support the logistical needs of the new Army.[1]While their role has changed over the decades since it was first created, the logistics operations across our various arms of military have been a leader for the rest of us to follow.

These are some of the skills and processes that we admire and learn from our military’s operations:

  • Planning, planning, planning – Nothing is left to chance or guesses in the military. They carefully plan their missions and have back up routes prepared. They are knowledgeable about their cargo and use skilled personnel to execute their plans.
  • Cohesive teamwork – The service members remain focused on the overall values, beliefs, and mission. This allows them to work together in a supportive way to achieve the overall goals. They are open to training and coaching so they are continually improving themselves and their skillset. While many people like to engage in healthy competition with their peers, the military team supports each other and helps each person to achieve the mission no matter what.
  • Rapid response – The systems the military puts into place allows them to have efficient and quick responses to any disruptions or challenges they face. They use analysis and reporting to predict any potential road bumps so they can plan for them. Their information gathering, tight-knit team, and laser focus allow them to quickly respond to and correct any issues that arise.

We admire the brave service men and women and are quick to look for opportunities to learn from them. At Aden Logistics, our team members remain focused on being positive, prompt, and proactive in everything we do. Shippers turn to Aden when they need a logistics provider who will get the job done.

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[1] https://quartermaster.army.mil/history/